We are in January. Spring begins in two months, and Daylight Savings is weeks away. And as all Live Free of Die staters know, Spring sometimes is just another word for “Second Winter” with more snow, ice, cold, and wet weather. So what do you do if you live on the NH Seacoast and can’t afford the luxury of a season pass or the daily lift ticket prices at the ski and snowboard resorts? Well, I put together a list of things that helped me beat cabin fever and the gray day blahs that come along with what can feel like an isolating winter. It’s easy to fall into a routine of going to work, hitting the gym, and come home and streaming tv and videos and repeat. …

By Tamara J. Collins

My dad’s side of the family is called Marlboro, Vermont, home for over two hundred years. I called it home for fourteen years. I was an only child, and my parents quickly learned that introducing me to our local libraries was a wise idea. My father would plead with librarians to allow me to take out twenty books per week and proudly assure them that I would read them all. He was right. I did read them all. I devoured the stories the way an ultramarathon runner can eat an entire pizza or box of pasta.

My father taught me how to read when I was around three years old. …

When most Seacoast people think of embracing winter in New Hampshire, they think of winter surfing and nature walks or eating and drinking their ways around the coastline, but I’m here to tell you that Merrimack Country has a lot to offer too. From the hiking alongside the babbling brooks and the whistling mountains to river view luncheons and cozy dinners, the people of Merrimack county have fun while keeping warm during these cold months. Read on to find out the top 10 winter tourism destinations in Merrimack County!

I recently moved to Merrimack County from the Seacoast, and over the past few months, I’ve done some exploring. I’ve compiled a list of some diamonds in the rough, and locals-only secret spots of ways to make the most out of the winter in Merrimack County that maybe you haven’t tried yet. …


Tamara J. Collins


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